Rift Planes of Telara Leveling Guide

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by admin on May 1, 2011

After the release of a new online RPG game Rift:Planes of Telara thousands and thousands of players are asking one selves on what the quickest ways to speedlevel in this impressive new game are. Thousands of players are attempting to find these popular leveling guides on forums but typically reading any helpful info about leveling in Rift is extremely hard. Newbie players simply are not happy to put the required time and effort into writing an useful and comprehensive guide and then posting it for no gain, so your only option is to read a beneficial paid Rift leveling guide to take you to the level cap.

The single downside to Rift guides is the fact they come at a cost. As a matter of fact several of these guides cost as high as the game itself, however you may as well find helpful leveling guides that will not bust your budget. Actually it’s not unusual for the less costly leveling guides to be more useful than some others which aren’t necessarily that helpful which is the reason you really should always do the proper reading about guides and ensure you download the most comprehensive one. That way you will probably not regret your decision and the cash spent afterwards. If you know where to search you will surely read info of every purchesable Rift game guide so make sure you keep reading the rest of this article to see what these sites are.

Before we talk about that let’s talk about the real benefits of having a Rift guide. The usual guide players look at and want is the leveling guide. Several guides you can buy include really useful ones that do have step by step guides and include all quests, areas, questgivers, mobs and leveling strategies covered. They additionally include a few different ways you can level in Rift and not exclusively one, thus making sure you will level characters as quickly and painlessly as you possibly can. The leveling guide is an awesome reading material to follow, however the best benefit of these Rift guides is that they usually contain lots of other strategies and tactics that every single player have an use for.

As an example in these guides you can also learn many things about crafting for example. Rift has nine different professions and some of them are best suited for particular classes while some are pretty useless. Making sure you learn the profitable crafting and gathering professions will save you lots of time and frustration. Additionally the gold making tactics will certainly make sure you always have more than enough gold to buy rare items or whatever else you want to get. These guides as well contain strategies on every class archetype and soul for this game, such as character statistics you should aim for, item drops, class macros, dungeon and instance tips, and the best part proven character soul tree builds which will make your character as strong as it can be. Also you can get very useful Player vs. player tricks and instance walkthroughs that are insanely beneficial.

In conclusion buying a quality Rift leveling guide helps greatly in learning this game. But before you purchase one you absolutely must research everything about the leveling guide and learn whether it is worth getting. The number one resource to find out this is by reading truthful reviews of these Rift strategy guides which will explain to you all you want to know.
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