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by admin on May 1, 2011

What is a Fast Leveling guide?

Well for all the Noobs a brief description of a fast levelling guide. Its a must have tool that will give you all the tools, tips and solutions to get you from level 1 to 85 in around 5 days. Its more than just a Power leveling guide, It will teach you how to make quick easy gold, level up professions right up to level 525 and much much more.

How good can you be and still have a life?

Have you ever seen those players that are constantly sat in front of the PC and constantly play WoW and never have a girl/boyfriend or real friends that exist outside of WoW. Well it is these type of people, WoW Super Geeks that actually create your Fast leveling guides. They know the quickest way to level up, get gold quick and pretty much master all there is to master, so who is better qualified to create these guides than WoW super Geeks. All the hard work is done for you so you dont have to sit there all day and can actually have a life with real friends and may be even some romance.

Hot Features to look for with a WoW fast leveling guide!

Complete Leveling Path Through The Game To Blast You From Level 1 To 85 FAST!
Full Guide To All New Zones, Areas And Locales!
Master And Beat The Biggest Instances
Level All The Professions – To The New Level Cap Of 525 With Ease!
Master The Archaeology Profession Fast!
Detailed Guide To All Changes In WOW!
Full Changes To All Classes Explained!
New Races – Worgen & Goblin Ripped Apart! Which Is The Best?
Full Gold Making Guide,Up To Date Strategies For Cataclysm That Will Make You Rich!
Get The New Flying Mounts And Ground Mounts
Full Guide To The New Battleground And Outdoor PVP Zones – Dominate PVP
Get All The Latest Gear First And Master Reforging!
Master The New Talent Tree Mastery System To Make The Ultimate Toon!

With all this at your finger tips you will become unstoppable!, Fast leveling guide’s simply take you by the hand and step by step make you invincible

Click here to see a Fast leveling guide This is actually the power leveling guide that I used to get all my characters to level 85, My friends also use this one and our guild is pretty much unstoppable and we just simply kick ass!.

Need More Information?

If you need any more information about what I feel is the best fast leveling guide then I have have also written a full uncensored review on my WoW blog. Being an avid WoW player I feel I am quite an authorty on this matter now and love writing about my favourite game, you can also find out about the creator of the guide, WoW Guru Chris Jones and more cool WoW stuff. Simply click my link to read my review on the most effective fast leveling guide on line today.

Hope you enjoy the read and level up to 85 some time soon. Be the best you can be, easily and dominate the WoW.

My story is a simple one, I went from an average wow player to an expert level 85 player with ease, I did it all using fast leveling guide.Discover how simple it was click here 
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